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40-Over West Masters

40-Over West 2023 Carson City, NV
2023 Carson City, NV x 40-Over West

Your are currently viewing the 2023 Masters World Series for the 40-Over West in Carson City, NV. 

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NAFA MVP / All World Selection

Rude Pac Masters - Gold Champions

Jeremy Rooney - Most Valuable Player
Ryan French - Most Valuable Pitcher
Aaron Sepulveda
Chris Nassour
Keith Herbster

NW Rainer - Gold Runner Up

Brandon Dixon
Kasey Knight
Scott Budnick
Travis Kunz

Casa Trejo Bombers - 3rd place

Albert Garcia
Shawn Campa
Tony Mancha
Valentine Dougles

Fat City Pirates - 3rd place

Chad Marcigan
Kris Hensley
Maurice Blankenship
Richard Clarke

Five Star Seafood - Silver Champions

Brian Macler
Dan Macler
Jason Obregon
Michael Hoadley

NW Braves - Silver Runner Up

Brandon Tatro
Eric Linnell
Rich McDarment
Scott Hartley

Budmen - 3rd place

Eli Salzar
Norman Baca

SoCal Quakes - 3rd place

Kirk Walker
Jesse Mullen