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NAFA World Series

NAFA Tournament Rules


This Tournament will be governed by the current edition of the NAFA Official Playing Rules and this supplement


  1. The team on top of the bracket is on the 3rd base dugout (unless occupied by team from previous game). Home team – Shall be determined by a coin toss prior to each game, except on the Championship game where the undefeated time will be home. Run Ahead Rule – A team leading by 10 runs after 4 innings or 7 runs after five innings, or one run after seven or more innings shall be declared the winner, including the Championship game. There are NO longer any IF NECESSARY GAME IN NAFA. There is only a SINGLE Championship Game.
  2. The Extra Hitter is allowed in all Divisions. Line-up cards must identify a player by uniform number, position, first and last name, and we ask that all substitutes (with uniform number) be listed for record keeping only.
  3. The pool play seeding will use, 1) record, 2) head to head, 3) runs given up, 4) run differential (7 max) including all games, 5) if still tied, use the rules above to eliminate one team and then use the head to head if they are still tied after using 1-4 above.
  4. There is no Time Limit, and no International Tie Breaker Rule (except in the 23U and in any (Gold) Pool play and in consolation play) Courtesy Runners will be allowed in all Divisions (Catcher only – two out/last out runs)… No Designated Runners.
  5. Bat Rule: We use the USA Softball Bat List and every bat will be compression tested and if passes then a tampered proof NAFA sticker will be placed on the bat. If a bat is used without a NAFA sticker on it then the batter will be called out and all play reverts back.
  6. Pitching – The pitcher must start with on foot on the pitching plate, and the pitcher may lift his foot above the pitching plate as long as he sets it down on the pitcher’s plate prior to the release of the ball. The Pitcher may leap as long as there is no re-plant prior to the release of the pitch. The penalty for an illegal pitch in ONLY a ball on the batter, no runners are forced to advance.
  7. Leading Off – The base runner may not leave until the pitcher releases the ball. Penalty – No Pitch, Runner called out.
  8. Designated Batter (DP) / Defensive Specialist (DS) – If utilized, the Designated Player (DP) must be listed as one of the nine batters and marked as the “DP” and the Defensive Specialist must be listed IN THE SHADED AREA OF THE LINE-UP CARD. Players designated as the DP/DS MAY be freely substituted on defense; however, the umpire must be notified of the changes. These changes do not count towards a player’s re-entry.
  9. Re-Entry – Only starting players, to include, the DP and DS may leave the game and re-enter one time. Substitute players may not leave the game and re-enter. Note: If a substitute fails to report, there is no penalty and he is considered to be in the game when he enters the batter’s box, replaces a runner or takes a defensive position.
  10. Game Time – If a team is not present at their scheduled game time/field or they do not have a sufficient number or players (eight) to start the game, the BASE Umpire will immediately notify the Tournament UIC or Tournament Director.
  11. Short-handed Rule – A team may play short-handed (except for an ejection). If playing “short-handed”, an out will be recorded when he person, who left the game is due at bat. A team must have at least eight players to start and finish the game.
  12. Regulation game – A regulation game shall consist of seven innings. A full seven innings need not be played if the team second at bat (home team) scores more runs in six or one-half innings. (Exception- Run Ahead Rule). A game that is tied at the end of seven innings shall be continued until one team scores more runs than the other team at the end of an inning.
  13. Uniforms/Protective Gear – All players shall properly wear uniforms that are like in color and style, with a “whole number” on the back of the uniform shirts. No players on the same team may wear identical numbers. Batters, On-deck Batters, and Runners must wear a double flap batting helmet. The on deck batter can stand behind the batter for safety purposes.
  14. Protest – Should a protest arise, the game will be immediately halted, and the BASE Umpire will immediately notify the Tournament UIC or Tournament Director. The PLATE Umpire will remain on the field.
  15. Ejections – If a Player is ejected from a game, the PLATE umpire will record the player’s name and report the incident to the Tournament UIC and Tournament Director at the conclusion of the game. If you are ejected in the 6th or 7th inning then you have to sit out the next game. If the ejection is prior to the 6th inning, then you are allowed to play in the next game unless it was flagrant and the Tournament Staff Determines you need to sit out longer.

The tournament director reserves the right to change field numbers and game times and to restrict a player from pitching.



  1. Players must check-in and show proof of age at least 45 minutes prior to their first scheduled game. The remaining players may turn the legal age at any time during this calendar year to be eligible and may pitch. Exception: Teams may play at one time 3 players 3 years younger that can’t pitch.
  2. Bat Compression Testing & Approved Bats. Each Bat must be examined and compression tested and then NAFA Staff will affix a current “NAFA approved Bat Stamp” on the bat handle/taper. BATs on the current USA Softball NON-Approved Bat List shall not be used.  If it is discovered that a batter has completed his turn at bat with a bat that has not been tested (and stickered) and certified by the NAFA Tournament Staff, the batter will be called out, runners return to the base occupied at the time of pitch, and all outs made will stand. Helmets must be worn by the Batter, the on-deck Batter and all base runners.
  3. The Home team for all games shall be determined by a coin toss prior to each game by the tournament director at the bracket board.  The Tournament Director will provide the Official Line-up cards and game balls for all games.  Line-up cards submitted to the Home Plate Umpire must contain the starting player’s last name, first name, uniform number and fielding position, and as a courtesy all available substitutes. The team traveling the farthest shall take the 3rd base dugout unless staying for back-to-back games they may stay.
  1. A double first base safety bag shall be used to minimize collisions between the 1st baseman and the batter/baserunner) and treated as one big bag for both offense and defense to use except on the first play at 1st base on the batter/baserunner when the ball is fielded from the fair part of the infield, then the runner shall use the orange and the defense shall use the white. If the offense uses the white and doesn’t interfere then it is a live ball appeal play by the defense and has to be made before the batter/baserunner returns to either bag. If the batter/baserunner uses the white bag and interferes then it is a dead ball and he is out and runners return to the last base touched at the time of the interference.
  2. Courtesy Runners / DR – 2 courtesy runners may be used for anyone per inning. The Courtesy Runner must be the person farthest away in the lineup which is most often “the last out”. A DR, who is not in the game, can run one time an inning for anyone.
  3. Any team leading by 10 runs after 4 innings, or 7 runs after 5 innings (or 6 innings) shall be declared the winner, including the Championship game (no time limit). No inn will start after 90 minutes in pool play and 1 hour 45 minutes in bracket play; however, Masters teams may utilize the Tie-breaker rule, to start the 8th inning.
  4. In 60-Over, 65-Over and 70-over only, as an option a 4th outfielder may be used (it can be the EH or the DS) but not a 5th infielder so that outfielder must be at least 20 feet off the dirt on a normally cut infield at the umpire’s discretion based on where the other 3 outfielders start on the play so it looks consistent.
  5. Teams are required to have nine players (but may use a DS (10) and/or an Extra Hitter (11); however, a team may start/end a game with eight players (Short-1 handed Rule).  If a team starts/ends a game with eight players, an out shall be recorded each time the ninth batting position is due to bat. Note:  A team may not play “Short-handed as a result of an ejection. The game will end in forfeit. Participants ejected from a game for unsportsmanlike conduct, prior to the 6th inning of the game are only ejected for the remainder of that current game. Participants ejected in, or after, the 6th inning, will be ineligible to participate in their team’s next scheduled game. Re-Entry- Only the Starting players, to include the DP, DS, and EH may leave the game and re-enter (one time). Substitute players may not leave the game and then re-enter.
  6. Teams may utilize the Designated Batter (DB)/Defensive Specialist (DS) and Extra Hitter (EH).  These players must be listed on the official line-up card as submitted to the Home Plate Umpire.   If utilized, the DB will be listed as one of the nine batting positions and identified as the DB; if utilized, the DS will be listed as the 11th player in the OUTLINED BOX and identified as the DS; if utilized, the EH may be listed in any spot within the 10-batter line-up and identified as the EH.
  7. The Pitcher must start with one foot on the pitching plate. The penalty for any pitching infraction is a delayed dead ball (illegal pitch), the offense can choose the result of the play or a ball awarded to the batter, and there is no advancement of runners, unless it is “Ball Four”.
  8. Unannounced/Unreported Substitutes- If a substitute player fails to report, the substitute shall be deemed to be in the game when: he enters his batter’s box, or takes a fielding position, or replaces a player on base. There is no penalty for a coach honestly “failing to report” a player.
  9. Protests- All protests must be made in accordance with NAFA rules prior to the next pitch, and will be adjudicated under the direction of the Tournament Director. The TD reserves the right to shorten, move or reschedule games as the need may arise.

Governed by the NAFA Playing Rules, and these “Tournament Rules”.

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