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A - World Series 2023 Eau Claire, WI
2023 Eau Claire, WI x A - World Series

You are currently viewing the A division 2023 NAFA World Series in Eau Claire, Wisconsin 

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Meister Dairy from Wisconsin goes undefeated to become the 2023 World Series A Division Champions.

"A" Champions

All World Selection for Meister Dairy

Scott Mehall / Most Valuable Pitcher

Cody Frohne

Ryne Fueger

Tyler Davis

Ty Meiborg

2nd place Seadogs from Massachusetts

2nd place

All World Selection for Seadogs

Tyler Damon / Most Valuable Player

Anthony Arosso

Hunter Gatza

Logan Gatza

3rd place St Charles Tribe from Missouri

3rd place

All World Selection for St Charles Tribe

Corey Scharf

Brandon Gutzler

Lance McMahon

All World Selection for 4th place Prime Time from Nebraska

David Morris

Braxton Arndt

Ryan Fittje

All World Selection for 5th place teams

Striker Lanes from Wisconsin

Wylie Baumer

SmallTown Fastpitch from Missouri 

Juan Platner