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A-Major World Series 2023 Eau Claire, WI
2023 Eau Claire, WI x A-Major World Series

You are currently viewing the A-Major division 2023 NAFA World Series in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

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Bar Blues from Wisconsin go undefeated to become the 2023 NAFA World Series A-Major division Champions. 

A-Major Champions

All World Selects for Bar Blues

Jacob Houghton / Most Valuable Player

Matt Stahr / Most Valuable Pitcher

Simon Maurice

Tyler Damon

2nd Place St. Louis HoneyBadgers

All World Selection for St Louis HoneyBadgers

Chase Feucht

Jake Bryan

Juan Massett

Augustin Fernandez

3rd place Stram Loggers from Wisconsin

All World Selection for Stram Loggers

Payton Hall

Mike Skora

Tyler Horton

All World Selection for the 4th Place Crow Bar from South Dakota

Josh Schroeder

Zach Warne

Jim Hartman