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A-Major | Las Vegas Road Trip 2023 Las Vegas, NV
2023 Las Vegas, NV x A-Major | Las Vegas Road Trip

2023 "A-Major" | Las Vegas Road Trip

You are currently viewing the A-Major division 2023 Las Vegas Road Trip in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The tournament is complete and the Champion is crowned.

The Dondalk Smoke 0, Kansas City Bravos 8

Kansas City Bravos go undefeated to win the Championship, outscores their opponents 44-1, and their pitchers record a 0.30 ERA between all three pitchers. Ready for the AA Division in 2024.

Dondalk Smoke had a great run to the Championship by defeating DeKalb Hustle Hogs 7 to 0, OK Sykos 4 to 2, and again OK Sykos 4 to 2 before being stopped by Kansas City Bravos.

Kansas City Bravos

Dondalk Smoke